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Information for competition skaters

At level 4 in skating school, the skater is invited to progress to light blue group to take badge level 5 and 6. After that the training is aiming at becoming a competing figure skater.

Information sheet to print

Get energy to train!

It is important that the skaters eat a healthy snack prior to training. Sweets before training is not OK.

Hydration is important, please make sure to bring a bottle of water

Please report absence from training

The coach should be informell when a skater can not come to training, e.g. via a text message. If this is done well in advance, other skaters can train instead. In this way the ice schedule can be optimised. Please make contact with your coach no later than 21.00

Training groups

The coaches divides the skaters into groups according to their skating level, performance and ability. When the coach suggest progress to a higher group, the final decision is made after consultation with the parents and the board of administration.  For safety reasons it is important that skaters training together are at a similar skating level. Skater’s school schedule is the only thing that can be taken into consideration when making the training schedule.

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