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(2016-10-20 11:30)
Kolla in Pdf:en nedan, med några av nyheterna inför 2017. // Look at the PDF-file below, where you can see some of the news for Training Camp 2017!
(2016-10-08 07:14)
(2016-09-08 14:35)
(2016-03-25 09:58)
(2016-03-10 09:12)
Swedish League 2016 starts in Brösarp 9-10th of April. Now we have two really relevant training packages to offer, if you want to be extra well prepared for the Swedish League premiere!
(2016-02-14 16:07)
On the Saturday evening on the 5th March, there is now opportunity to train with world top runners from the danish club OK PAN Århus.
(2016-02-14 15:32)
The 4th of March is PAN-Våren, the Sweden premiere, going to be launched. Now worlds champions from Denmark are going to attend on the competition.
(2016-01-28 16:25)
Take a peek on the information under "Training" on the website. Now there are more details about the trainings on the different mapareas.



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