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Spelarprofilen Shinya ”Toki” Tokumasu

07 APR 2012 00:00
Our friend and player Shinya ”Toki” Tokumasu is going home to Japan!

  • Uppdaterad: 18 AUG 2018 22:27

Tomorrow 11/4 Toki will go home to Tokyo again. He came in October to play and practice for our team Frej.

I have only good things to say about Toki. He has been a terrific person to have in our club. He has practise increadible good. When he played matches  in Pingisligan, he played fantastic. 6 winning matches and only two losses. He also took care of our talent Hampus and practise a lot of “multi ball” with him. (Thank you Hampus ,for helping Toki to.) He also have his heart in the right place. He is always kind and happy, even if it´s hard to be away from home. It will be empty now when he is leaving us, but I hope, he some day (maybe sooner than later) will come here again. You are always welcome. We will all miss you. Hope you don´t forget Frej and all of us. Good luck in the future and have a nice journey.


Skribent: Ola Pettersson



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