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The 2021 Lunedi season begins on Tuesday April 6th

23 JAN 2018 11:35
With longer days, warmer air and a, hopefully, receding pandemic, it is time to start this season’s training with Lunedi. The first ride for the year will take place on April 6th at 6 pm.
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As always, we train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday. The weekday trainings starts at 6 pm, the Sunday ride at 9 am. We meet up at Kårhuset, LTH, as usual.
This season, too, we will have to take extra care to keep the risk of virus transmission in check. The board has consulted the guidelines for public gatherings and sports and agreed on a number of precautions.
They are as follows:
• Do NOT even think about training if you are feeling in anyway ill, have a sore throat, cough or feeling under the weather.
• Keep your distance. At least a bike length between each other while gathering. Groups of max eight persons.

• Take extra caution. While out riding, nose-blowing, coughing, drinking and drooling is permitted ONLY when you are at the back of your group.
• Ride safely. The last thing needed at the hospitals at the moment are more patients
• If the rides includes a fika, consider bringing a face mask for your own and other’s protection.
• Each pace group should consist of no more than eight riders.
• At the beginning of the season, each pace group will have a person in charge of organising the group, checking the maximum number of riders an so forth. Her word is law.
With all these precautions and instructions in place, we look forward to another great season – hopefully the season when both our great club and life in general returns to normality.
Just as last year, there will be no ”introduktionsrunda” this spring. They often gather dozens of people, and that is something we must avoid. There are however a number of persons that have contacted us and wants to start riding with Lunedi. They will likely appear on the first trainings, starting out in motionsgruppen.
Shave your legs, pump your tires and oil your chain - and let’s start riding together again!

A training plan is in the works, and should be ready within a few days.

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