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Lunedi training starts again!

14 MAJ 2020 14:04
Regular training with Lunedi starts again this Tuesday. However with a new set of rules to minimize the risk for virus transmission.
  • Skapad: 14 MAJ 2020 14:04

This has been one strange spring. For everyone in Lunedi as well. 

The board decided, as you noticed, to err on the cautious side and cancelled all trainings about a month ago.

However, there are a lot of you out there riding anyway - and many of us are eager to start train under the Lunedi banner again, as a club.

After some deep thinking and pondering the board has decided to launch this season’s Lunedi trainings again next TUESDAY, MAY 19. However, we will not train exactly the way we usually do. 

In order to protect each other and minimise the risk of transmitting the virus, there are a few NEW RULES in place. 

  • Do NOT even think about training if you are feeling in anyway ill, have a sore throat, cough or feeling under the weather. Just don’t.
  • When the pace groups gather before taking off, the fastest group will gather next to the entrance of Kårhuset. The middle group stands a bit further down, and the third group (”Motionsgruppen”) even further down. 
  • Keep your distance. At least a bike length between each other while gathering.
  • Each group of riders will consist of no more than SIX persons. 
  • Take extra caution. While out riding, nose-blowing, coughing, drinking and drooling is permitted ONLY when you are att the very back of your group. 
  • Ride safely. The last thing needed at the hospitals at the moment are more patients (and it is probably the last place you would want to be at the moment, too). 
  • Members of the board will be present at the first few trainings, and will then repeat these rules until you all can recite them by heart.
  • We adher to the guidelines provided by Svenska Cykelförbundet: https://scf.se/forbundet/vanliga-fragor-om-coronaviruset-och-cykling/
  • We are doing this as a test, and it’s every member’s responsibility to ensure that this works out well. We will also keep an eye on the spread of the virus in society in general, should the situation deteriorate we could be forced to rethink our approach again.


That said, it will be great to see you all again out on the road!


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