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Membership information in english

No riding is allowed in the Bikepark until membership and the signed waiver/ansvarsförsäkran is in place.

To become a member of the club “Capital Bikepark Locals KF” a Swedish personnummer/personalidentitynumber is needed to be able to complete the online member application. The a Swedish personnummer/personalidentitynumber is required by the national sports organization/Riksidrottsförbundet who are in charge of the youth activity funding and grants in Sweden, it is also needed to automatically obtain current address information via IdrottOnline and SPAR.

For persons who do not have a Swedish personnummer/personalidentitynumber it is still possible to become a member, but it must be applied in person at our office in the entrance to the Bikepark.
Information like name, birthdate, address, email, phone number needs to be provided.

A mandatory waiver/ansvarsförsäkran needs to be filled in and signed by all members. For members under 18 years of age, the waiver/ansvarsförsäkran also needs to be signed by the parent or legal guardian of the member.

The annual membership fee is 150SEK/year and is valid Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

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Capital Bikepark Locals KF - Korpen
c/o Andreas Lindqvist, Rosenstigen 7
14132 Huddinge

Visättra Sportcenter, Kvarnängsvägen 12
14149 Huddinge

Tel: [saknas] Information
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