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Registration Runn Open Water June 21, 2020

Runn Open Water is a race for everyone, both happy amateurs and experienced swimmers.

Available distances are:

- 2800 m: Competition class Men and Women

- 2800 m: Amateurs

- 1500 m: Amateurs

- 500 m: Amateurs

- 200 m: Watertrial or children and family competition

Competition will take place on June 23rd 2019 with the following preliminary start times:

kl 13.00 ROW 500 m and Watertrial 200 m

kl 13.30 ROW 2800 m and 1500 m

Registration fees:

Registration on and before June 13:

- 2800 m 400 SEK*

- 1500 m 300 SEK *

- 500 m 250 SEK *

- 2 00 m free (Watertrial)

To register for competition class membership in a swimming federation. Enter swim federation when registering. To enter the competition class you also need a competition licens at the Swedish Swimming Federation. Read more about competition licenseshere...

* (25% off for members of FSS swim-group during spring semester 2019. Please contact This is a mailto link for rebate code to use on registration)

** Every participant will receive a RunnOpenWater badge.

For registration: https://www.openwaterentry.se/#/competition/148

Registration on raceday:

After June 18th it is only possible to register on raceday at the race location.

- 2800 m 500- SEK

- 1500 m 400 SEK

- 500 m 300 SEK

- 200 m Free (Watertrial)

Registration on raceday available until 12:00.

Registration fee includes: Swim cap with start number, snacks after finishing, trophy to the winner and a raffle of prizes.


For participants of Runn Open Water wetsuits are allowed. This rule is also a safety measure due to increased buoyancy and making it easier to hold your body temperature. Of course you can also swim in regular swimwear if temperatures allow.

Under 16˚C (60,8˚F) wetsuit is mandatory.

Between 16˚C (60,8˚F) and 18˚C (64.4˚F) wetsuit is recommended.
Between 18˚C (64.4˚F) and 23˚C (73.4˚F) wetsuit is allowed.
Above 23˚C (73.4˚F) wetsuit is not allowed due to health reasons.

Read Swedish swimming federations rules for open water swimming here...

By registering for the competition, the swimmer acknowledges that all activities are undertaken at your own risk. Read more about safety further down on this page. Safety is top priority at Runn Open Water.

Kayaks will follow the swimmers and keep boat traffic away. Divers from Dala Mitts Emergency Service will be on site.

All activities are undertaken at your own risk, but we offer all participants an insurance for Runn Open Water. Startklar reimburse accidental injury that occurs while participation in amature or competition races and during travel to and from the event (so not only for the Runn Open Water)

With Startklar your registration fee will be repaid amature or competition races in Sweden if you have a medical certificate validating your inability to participate in the event. For mor information about signing up for insurance through Folksam/startklar, go to www.startklar.nu

Age limit is set to 10 year for competition class and amature class. For participation in competition class competition license is mandatory. For more information about competition licens click here...

There is no age limit for the children and family competition.

Canceled competition

If the temperature of the water is lower than 15˚C (59˚F)competition management will discuss if the event will be shortened or in worst case be canceled to insure maximum safety.
If the competition is canceled the registration fee will be repaid except for 150 SEK to cover administration fees.

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Runn Open Water


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