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Engelbrektsloppet is the largest ski marathon event in Sweden after Vasaloppet.

The race was held in 1969 for the first time and is named to our freedom fighter Engelbrecht, who defeated the Danish in 1400 who occupied the Swedes. Every year 2.000 to about 3.000 Ski Marathon runners take part in Engelbrektsloppet, which is held in the classic technique.

The race starts in the center of Norberg and the finish is also in the center of the city Norberg.
This is unique in Sweden and gives the race a great and unique atmosphere for runners and spectators. The main race is held over 60 km in the classic technique.
It is always scheduled on the 2nd Sunday. The athletes can also choose the 30 km distance.

A very special race is already held on Saturday. The Kristinaloppet is a race only approved for women and is held over 30 km, also in the classical technique. More than 600 women take part on Kristinaloppet in Norberg each year. On Sunday, there are also many women who start in the 60 km race.

The grounds around Norberg are ideal for cross-country skiing. Slightly hilly, curvy and mostly in the woods. The tracks go over some mountain ranges and along beautiful lakes. The tracks will be prepared with at least 3 slopes side by side.

The Engelbrektsloppet is also a qualifying race for a better boot at the Vasaloppet. Engelbrektsloppet is also part of the "Swedish Classic" series. This series includes the Lidingöloppet (running), Vätternrundan (bike), Vansbrosimmet (swimming), the Vasaloppet and the Engelbrektsloppet as Ski Marathon.

The Engelbrektsloppet starts in Norberg, a small town of about 6.000 inhabitants in central Sweden. Norberg is about 140 km from Stockholm and is within 2 hours by car away from the capital. Norberg is located in mountain areas, in the heart of a mining and steel district. Iron ore was mined in the region since the 13th Century, but today no more mines are in operation. However, there are still steel productions in the area. Companies like Sandvik, Outokumpu, Atlas Copco and Seco produce the famous "Swedish Steel".  

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If you like to stay in Stockholm there is a special bus for our races from the City Terminal (close to the central station).
The system for payment is now open for bank and credit cards.


Föreningen Engelbrektsloppet
Engelbrektsgatan 73
S-73831 Norberg
Telefon: +4622320419
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Föreningen Engelbrektsloppet - Skidor
Engelbrektsgatan 73
73831 Norberg

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