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Alpin F.I.S SL Idre

F.I.S SL i Sydbacken Idre Fjäll 2015-01-29-2015-01-30




Tidsprogram/Timescedule 20150129

Tidsprogram/Timescedule 20150130


Entry deadline:

Final date of entry is January 23, 2015
A final and complete list must be ready 24 hours before the draw

referring to the International Ski Competition Rules 215.1


Sydbacken FIS Homolog.nr. 11409/11/14

Start at 860 m.a.s.l Finish at 678 m.a.s.l. Vertical drop 182 metres


Holm, Arild  (Norway)

Chief of race:

Martin Westblad +46 70 5451946, This is a mailto link


Skipass: At Receptionen Idre Fjäll, mo-we+fri 08.00-19.00, thur+sat-sun 08.00-21.00.
In advance at Idre Fjall bookning +46 253 40 000, tell them that you are
going to participate in Idre F.I.S race. Price 180 SEK pr day + chip (axess) 45 SEK


Entry fees: 300 sek/day.
Swedish racers: BG 5308-2814 before 8/2 other wise it will be invoiced with an fee of 100 sek. Others: 300 sek/day cash at captains meeting.


A warm welcome from Idre SK Alpina och Uppsala Skidgymnasium!

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