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Membership Application

Thank you for being interested in membership in Jönköping Rowing Club (Jönköpings Roddsällskap). Please fill out the application below.


Please read over the list of volunteer club support activities on the membership page.

Which of the following applies to you?

Can you swim at least 200m?

Annual memberships for support, individual and family memberships begin Oct. 1 and end Sept. 30. JU Student memberships start at beginning of a term, and end at beginning of next.
Choose your preferred membership fee/type:

All members (except support members) are expected to do at least 10 hours of volunteer work around and for the club. However, Jönköping Rowing Club offers an "I/we honestly do not have the time" donation option, relieving you of fundraising, cleaning, etc duties. Donation is 1000kr for individual or 500kr per family member.

JRS offer 3 ways to pay, please indicate which method you will use:


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Jönköpings RS - Rodd
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