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If you are interested in learning more about our club and activities, call Mari at 0708-649232, and visit our membership page at on this website.


WINTER Training times:

Mondays 17.30 "Crew Class" Ages 18+

(Indoor rowing on Concept 2 rowing machines, aerobic and interval, work out with music and session leader)

Indoor rowing 2 rowers and leader on stage

Photo: Indoor "Crew Class"


Tuesdays 17.30 Ages 18+ 

"Crew Class with Technique Training" Ages 18+ (Indoor rowing on Concept 2 rowing machines, aerobic and interval, work out with music and session leader)

Wednesdays 16.00 Ages 13-17

Coaches Alexandra Arnold and Hanna Buckley design and lead strength and endurance workouts for youth.

Indoor rowing 4 juniors win gold

Photo: Junior boys crew wins gold at Borås Indoor Competition.


Thursdays 17.30 "Crew Class" Ages 18+

(Indoor rowing on Concept 2 rowing machines, aerobic and interval, work out with music and session leader)

Gym and Rowing Rooms generally staffed with a coach. Extra technique training available.

Saturdays 10.00 Ages 13-17

Coaches Alexandra Arnold and Hanna Buckley design and lead strength and endurance workouts for youth.


Other days: Gym and rowing machines accessible for all members. Or take a jog around Munksjön or Rocksjön and come back for a sauna and shower using the club as base.




Ordnary SPRING/SUMMER Training times (June and August until August 23) July is vacation time, although Masters and University Faculty training occurs.


How training sessions are organized: COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

Due to the nature of rowing, it is important that everyone knows who is coming to training and when. That way, both coaches and rowers can have at least a tenative plan for which rowers should be together in which boats for the session.


Step 1: Fill out the training session form located at the following link. This gives you a chance to track your progress and lets you say which training sessions you are coming to.

ROWING TRAINING Sign-up Sheet (copy this link into your Notes on your smart phone or into your contacts list)

Step 2: Communicate with those who are also coming. OR, and this is very effective, form a CREW/TEAM who you row with. Communicate via FB, mobile phone or mail. Decide which training session you all will be at.

Step 3: Continue to get to know both the boats and the other rowers. The more you know, the more you can row.



Mondays 17.15 

Masters (Rowers older than 26) is the focus. Others are welcome, but Masters have priority.

Tuesdays 17.15

University Faculty and Staff. Once you move beyond "beginner/novice" level, you are welcome to join Masters Mondays trainings as well.

Wednesdays 17.15

JURA (Jönköping University) students

JRS Ungdomar (högstadiet, gymnasiet)

Parents of högstadiet elever should be present during training.

Thursdays 17.15 

Ungdomar (högstadiet, gymnasiet)

Parents of högstadie elever should be present, or take turns being present during training.

Saturdays 10.00 All members welcome! (lunch on second floor balcony afterwards)


Om det finns ett intresse för sommarskola-liknande verksamhet, där man tränar rodd, styrketräning och uthålighet, samt får träning i matematik, natur och engelska, antingen allt på engelska eller engelska och svenska, maila till

This is a mailto link.


Below is a detailed description of how we organize and schedule training and boat usage at JRS.

Good to know, but not necessary for beginners.


"Training Groups" and "Competition Squads" at JRS

A "Training Group" is a grouping of rowers, defined by the coaching staff, who have similar goals and abilities. Group members either row with different rowers each week or can decide to form a "Competition Squad" that always trains together with the goal of competing in a future competition. See information below. 

JRS Traning Groups and Coach/Captain

1 - Senior Elite / U23. Coach(s): L-B Folke, Bo Ekros. Captain(s):

2 - Junior Elite. Coach(s): L-B Folke, Paul Buckley. Captain(s):

3 - JU Competition. Coach(s): Carter Arnold. Captain(s):

4 - GS Competition. Coach(s): Carter Arnold. Captain(s):

5 - JU Intravarsity/Beginners. Coach: (an upperclassman)

6 - GS Intravarsity/Beginners. Coach: (an upperclassman)

7 - Masters. Coach(s): Lasse Lidén

8 - Gymnasierodd. Coach: Carter Arnold

9 - Youth/Recreation/Beginners. Coach: an active parent.


1. Elite rowers train towards representing Sweden internationally and are responsible for following a specific training program AND for filling out the Swedish Rowing Federation monthly training report and mailing it to thier coach.  LINK to Swedish Rowing Federations page with downloadable training reports, descriptions of physical tests and training suggestions.

2. JU Competion Rowers with Swedish passports can participate in Senior Elite / U23 program, but are expected to row for Uni when possible. I.e. National representation is currently prioritized over Uni representation.

A "Competition Squad" is a group of rowers who have decided, with the consent of thier coach, to train and compete together. They have identified a regatta or regattas they want to compete in, and have a plan to train towards that/those regattas. (Link to Swedish Rowing Federations Regatta schedule) They can schedule their own traning which is usually done by the Squad Captain. They rely upon each other. Reliability is key. If one does not show to practice, it will likely adversely effect the others. Reliability is one of the qualities employers know successful rowers posess. Competition Squads work with coaching staff to find session times where a coach is available. Alternatively they have a someone follow in Coaching boat to film them using "Coaches Eye" on a smartphone, which they themselves and thier coach can review at a later time.


1. An 8+ competition squad is 10-12 rowers plus a cox. They have decided they are going to compete in the 8+ races during the season.

When all 12 are able to make training they can row the 8+ and a four, two doubles or four singles. Other variations are logical if only 11 can make training, etc.

2. A 4 competition squad is 6 rowers.

These rowers have decided to train and compete together.

When all 6 can make practice, they row a 4 plus a double or 2 singles. etc.


''Individuals who would like to row in or as a Competition Squad, please contact the crew captain or coach. 

Carter Arnold 070-321496 /  L-B Folke 070-5986947 / Paul Buckley 076-7620900 / Fanny Stävmo 070-6989506 / Ivaylo Denev 076-7823676 /  Lars Lidén 070-4285855 / Hedda Pålsson 070-5162900



Boats and water sports equipment user designations

A competition single can cost 40 000 kr, a double 80 000, a four over 100 000 an 8 even more. It is imperative JRS makes the right boats available to the right level of rower.

Junior, Senior and Uni Elite Crews

(these rowers follow specific training programs and report training on Svensk Roddförbunds training report)

JU and Gymnasierodd Competition Crews (row in specifically designated Student and Skolrodd competitions and national competitions but do not report training)

Beginner and Recreation Rowers

(beginners and rowers that row intra-varsity i.e. row in non-elite competitions between JU colleges including "Inspark" races)

Rowing Shells and Sculls

1x – Wintech HW

1x – Wintech LW

2x/- Concept

4x   Matilda (LW)

4x/- Solstickan (HW)

8+ Bo Ekros


(plus all beginner and recreation and JU / Gymnasie Competion Crew Boats)


Private boats

1x – Axels Filipe

1x – Alices Wintech "Missilen"

1x - Filip Nilssons Filipe "Tre kronor"

2x - Ekros Filipe "China"


1x – Greta

1x – Owe (LW)

1x – Olle (HW)

2x – OEM (MW)

2x –  Evert (MW)

2x – Terri Mosca (MW)



(plus all beginner and recreation boats)


Note: when training in preparation for completion,  Matilda, Solstickan and Bo Ekros 8+ are alsa available.


1x JRS 1

1x JRS 2

1x JCC

2x Bamse

2x Jazz

4x+/4+ JRS Gig

4x+/4+ JU Gig #1

4x+/4+ JU Gig #2

4x Arvid Wilhelm

4+ Captain Morgan

8+ Biswind


(1x - Edon pontoon boats for youth training and para-rowing)


Non-rowing water sport equipment:  SUPs (Stand-up Paddleboards),  Surfskis and Kayaks

(Many of these will be privately owned with storage space rented from JRS)

(plus all beginner and recreation and JU / Gymnasie Competion equipment)



Private Kayaks

Prijon #1 - Jonathan Ljungquist

Dirigo Ocean Kayak #1 -

Carter Arnold

Dirigo Ocean Kayak #2 -

Mari Arnold


(All beginner and recreation equipment)


SUP #1


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