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Training Videos and suggested smartphone downloads


Video:  Här är rodd...This is rowing. Rowing is Passion.


Training Films

How to Row a Concept2 (this same technique is used on the water - learn it!)

Swedish Rowing Federation training film (thank you Frida Svensson!)

Sweep Rowing (enkel åra) technique

World Record Technique on Water

2012 London Doubles

2012 Men's Four

2012 Men's Quad

2012 Women's Eight

2012 Men's Eight Semi-final


Useful Links:





Boat Diagram

Här är en skiss över en 8+ båt som visar de olika platser i båten (varje plats har en siffra). Bow = 1 och Stroke = 8.


4 excellent apps for training:

1. "Coach's Eye" for filming and analyzing rowers in slow motion and with drawing tools (mostly for coaches and those who are helping with training).

2. "Erg Calc" for working with times on rowing machines.

3. "Rigging for Rowing" to learn all equipment terminology and how to rig and pitch a boat.

4. "Pitch Meter RZ" for turing your iphone into a pitching tool (pitching means making sure angle of oar gates are correct)

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