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University Students

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Below is information about membeship in Jönköping University Rowing Association and Jönköping Rowing Club should you ever be interested!



Hey University Students and Faculty!


Step 1

Fill out this form  if you would like to sign up for the Lunch information meeting AND/OR one of the three Beginner's sessions.


Step 2

After attending one of these meetings, and you are still interested, fill out this form you can reture to this form and fill out the try out for the University Team or become a member for recreational and social purposes.


Additional Information:

If you are looking for a way to get in excellent physical shape, in a way that builds both physical and psychological toughness:  rowing and related training may be right for you.


Train for fun and recreation or to compete compete both OTW (on the water) and indoors on Concept2 rowing machines. Attend regular group training sessions lead by demanding trainers.


Jönköping University Rowing Association in partnership with Jönköping Rowing Club and Gym, is training towards

1. The Jönköping University "Henley on Munksjön" intravarsity Regatta on August 28. This is JU personnel vs JU personnel vs JU students. (google Henley Royal Rowing Regatta to get the flavor and spirit of the event)


2. The National Student Championships which will be held in Stockholm Sept 16-18.


3. The Dusseldorf Rhein Marathon is on October 1. LINK.


4. There are additional competitions, both indoor and OTW (on the water) available for you as well.


University Students are extended a chance to pay for membership each term instead of once per year, thanks to the Jönköping University Student Rowing Association (JURA).

University personnel become members of Jönköpings Roddsällskap (JRS)/Jönköping Rowing Club. See MEMBERSHIP for both JURA and JRS here.

Club clothing is also available. See CLOTHING/KLÄDER here.


Uni clothing available now! (more information soon).


Facilities and Amenities at Jönköping Rowing Club:

1. 13 new Concept2 rowing machines where you can train either
upstairs overlooking the lake and University or downstairs in the gym.
2. 10 nice weight training machines downstairs in the gym.
3. Projector and screen for training film review, movie nights, 
and group training. (notice stage to the left for presentations
and training leader)
4. One of the best equipped boat parks in Sweden.
We have seats for 65 rowers out on the water simultaneously
and have (despite picture below) new Concept Sweep and
Sculling axe blades for most. Jönköping University
has invested in 2 brand new boats for Uni students!
Högskolan rowing gig
5. The club's lawn is a pretty cool place to toss the frisbee, football or have a match
of brännboll or soccer. 
6. A great place to hang out after workout. Either on the balcony
overlooking University, the bridge, the lake and Spira or at
the bar or our 1950s vintage kitchen.
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