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År Månad
(2014-03-29 13:38)
Kom till O´Learys på måndag och se Sallén möta Northland
(2014-03-29 13:30)
Katarina Andersson har utsetts till säsongens center i Basketligan dam
(2014-03-03 10:23)
With the first round of the playoffs being best of 3 format, securing a home win in Game 1 was paramount to Sallen’s success in this years tournament.
(2014-03-01 10:28)
Now comes the fun part. With a matchup with the #5 seed, Telge, in the quarterfinals, Sallen Basket’s push for SM Guld begins today.
(2014-02-24 11:57)
Med sin 4: e platsen i grundserien klar och en kvartsfinalserie med Telge redan säkrad, hade Sallén ingenting på spel i sin sista hemmamatch för året vs Eskilstuna.
(2014-02-23 10:00)
With the conclusion of the regular season today vs. Eskilstuna, away, Sallen begins preperations for playing Telge in the Quarterfinals of the playoffs.
(2014-02-16 18:53)
With a big matchup that could happen again in the Semifinals, Norrkoping travelled to Uppsala to meet Sallen with a chance to win the league.
(2014-02-01 19:20)
With Solna’s playoff hopes on the line, and Sallen fighting for the highest position in the top four that they can, they met today at 1500 at USIF Rosendal Arena.
(2014-02-01 10:48)
With 2 home games remaining and 1 away game, Sallen Basket needs to close out the season with 3 straight wins to have a chance at 3rd place in the playoffs.
(2014-01-25 22:01)
With a solid victory at home today vs Mark, Sallen basket moved back into 2nd place with an 11-4 record for the season. Mark falls to 6-8 and 6th place.
(2014-01-20 12:53)
With a blow-out loss last Monday at Northland and a 15 point win at home vs. Visby, Sallen Basket goes back on the road with a big match vs Umea.
(2014-01-12 12:11)
With the humbling 20 point loss to Northland still on their minds, Sallen takes the court again vs. Visby hoping to get back on the winning track.
(2014-01-09 14:08)
With a trip up north to Lulea to meet Northland, Sallen had a big task at hand. With just 1 loss, to Sallen in Uppsala, Northland has been playing hot as of late. The addition of 2 new European players just meant that they were raising their level...
(2013-12-20 16:34)
Peter Lövgren tar över ordförandeklubban
(2013-12-18 11:50)
With a great win on Sunday vs. EOS, Sallen Basket returns for their final game of 2013 with an away game vs. Telge. At 8-2 Sallen stands in 2nd place in Damligan. Telge is sitting in 5th place with a record of 6-4.
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