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Ju Shin Jutsu Ryu


Ju Shin Jutsu is a form of Ju jutsu that has been developed from a principle about physical and psychical selfdefence - shin shin tan ren jutsu.

The club heading the style is S:t Eriks Budoklubb. The club took up ju jutsu in 1957, and over the time several different techniques and styles have been practised and tried out. The club has been attached to different organizations during different periods of time. The purpose was to find a style that supplied the claims on efficiency, humanity and appliance to swedish laws about selfdefense. They found the solution 1972 in Ju Shin Jutsu Ryu, that has also kept the eastern philosphical ideas.

The name of the style ( Ju=suppleness, shin=heart and jutsu=art/technique) implies that the idea behind all of the training is set on humanity, and to keep the pure ideas of ju jutsu - to avoid to be defeated.

Kicks and punches are only as a supplement to soft techniques on higher ranks, as distractions.

The technical practice is followed closely by lectures in anatomy, law, psychology and eastern philosophy.

Ju Shin Jutsu can only be found in ten dojos in Sweden, and is represented by George Irénius in S:t Eiks Budoklubb in Stockholm.


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