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Karlskrona SOK (Sweden) together with SK SKI-OB Sternberk (Czech Republic) have agreed to create and execute Youth Exchange project “Orienteering and friendship without borders”.


Karlskrona SOK (Sweden) and SK SKI-OB Sternberk (Czech Republic) carry out weekly activities for children and youth in orienteering, running and skiing in their countries. The idea for the exchange project appeared after a couple of years cooperation between the clubs when a few young people from Czech participated in camps and competitions in Sweden and a few young people from Karlskrona participated in Silva Camps in Czech Republic. Driving this cooperation in organized project form with well-defined goals will be more transparent and understandable for our club members. Based on the existing experience we believe that this project will add value for our club’s development and for an individual development for youth and coaches.


Sports have the power to inspire and unify people around common interests and goals, overcoming politics, cultural differences, economic disparities, stereotypes, language gaps and other challenges.  Sports develop leadership, teamwork, tolerance, and communication skills that help young people succeed throughout their lives.

The project "Orienteering and friendship without borders" will enable Swedish and Czech youth and coaches to engage with their overseas peers through a common bond of orienteering sport, and to learn about each other’s culture and country, as well as to acquire individual skills in becoming open-minded and successful citizens in today’s global world.


Youth Exchange project “Orienteering and friendship without borders” driven by Karlskrona SOK (Sweden) together with SK SKI-OB Sternberk (Czech Republic) aims to promote orienteering, friendship, respect and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture, nature and heritage.
Through the exchange agreement we will give young people from Sweden and Czech Republic the opportunity to experience each other’s realities, cultures and ways of organizing orienteering activities and trainings, to develop a life-long interest in outdoor exercises, to make new friends for life and to feel included.

Target Groups of the Project

The main target group of the project are club members of Karlskrona SOK and SKI-OB Sternberk in the ages of 14-23. The second target group are club coaches and club leaders of Karlskrona SOK and SK SKI-OB Sternberk.


The project is planned for 3 years 2019-2021. The exchange visits can last between 4 and 21 days and the participants can stay either with host families or in club houses/youth hostels together with the group.


Stories, videos and pictures from “Orienteering and friendship without borders” project will be shared on social media, project page and club’s home pages.
Developing new ideas will be possible through meetings, publications on social media, interviews with participants and facilitators.
A yearly report - a film or a written report will be created at the end of each year.


Project plan


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