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Vem är Predators huvudtränare Joshua Kofoed?

10 JUL 2020 20:43
För några veckor sedan intervjuades Kristianstad Predators nya huvudtränare Joshua Kofoed. Det var Andre Persson (U17 HC samt herrlagsspelare) som ställde frågorna. Detta är sammanställningen av svaren från intervjun, vem är Joshua Kofoed?
  • Uppdaterad: 10 JUL 2020 20:43

How old are you Josh?

26 years old.


Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Joshua Kofoed?

I was born in Daysland, Alberta, Canada. Small farming community. Moved around a lot as a kid, so I didn’t really stay in one place for very long. Ended up playing football when I was in Junior High, so grade 9. And then played football for four years; so Junior High, High School, and one year of Junior football. Since then I’ve been coaching. I’m married [to] my wife Amy for just about two years now. We have three cats back home in Canada.


Why did you become a coach?

So I became a coach when I was done playing. I went back to university and wasn’t really sure what I was going to do, and our High School coach asked me to help out once in a while with the High School team. At first I didn’t really think anything of coaching, but thought I would give it a try and help out at least, give back to the game. So I started coaching at the High School, realized I really enjoyed it, and now that I couldn’t play that was the closest thing I could get to the competition, and the same experiences as there was with football. And then, as I kept coaching, I guess the thing that really drew me into it was just being able to help kids achieve their dreams and have better circumstances than what I had going through the system. So it was just an option to give back to the sport and help out others.


What would you say is your general coaching philosophy?

On the field, my general coaching philosophy, I generally coach defense, is high pressure situations for the offense. I want to control the game, so if we can get them into situations that they don’t want to be in, then the game will be in our favor from that point forward. My philosophy is: I want to gamble a bit, take shots, try to get the ball away from the other team. If you play an aggressive style of defense, most teams aren’t used to that. And then more generally I think that I want that to go to the whole team. I want us to be, on both sides of the ball, a team that really dictates the flow of the game and doesn’t let the other team have a chance to do what they want to do. And then off the field I think my coaching philosophy is just to really instill the brotherhood and the culture of football into the players.


What do you think that you bring to the Predators organization?

I think I bring a new type of energy. [I am] younger than the previous coaches. I bring experience from the NCAA level, coaching on both sides of the ball. And then the other part is just through me is: I’ve always kind of been an underdog in a lot of my situations. I’m going to work harder than anyone I know to be the best. I’m going to do things other coaches haven’t thought of, try things that are different to really push us to be the best.


Can you give an example of something that you do “different”?

As a coach I don’t think anyone, especially in Sweden, will blitz as much as I will on defense. I spend a lot more time in the film room I think than a lot of coaches. I’ve already watched every game we’ve had from last year 2-3 times; got scout film for other teams we’re going to play this year. So I started really preparing for the season already, and we’re three months away still from that.


What are your specific roles within the club?

With the senior’s team I am the Head Coach and the Defensive Coordinator. I’m going to call most of the Special Teams as well. That’s the same job as with the U19s. With the women’s team I would say that I am essentially like a Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator for them as well. What do you mean by essentially? I won’t be at every game for them since their schedules conflict with other schedules. All the coaches that are helping out with that team are going to have to assume multiple roles and multiple identities; at some point I might have to call offense for them, someone else might have to call defense, someone else might have to act as a Head Coach for a game. So we all have rotating roles on that team. With the U17s: I am the Defensive Coordinators for them. And then, at least for the practices I try to help out and coach with the U15s as like a positional coach on defense, wherever they need me. And then, if we do offensive stuff, I’ll help out, usually with the Running Backs on offense.


What are your goals for this season?

My goals for this season is to obviously win a national championship again for the seniors. For the U19s: also to improve on it from last year and get that gold medal this year. For the women’s team, they had a rough year last year, so I want them to just constantly improve and get better and compete in every game that we’re in. Obviously you want to win every game, but when you’re a new team like this you just got to compete, that’s the goal. And then the U17s, they had a very good year last year so I kind of just want to continue on that and let’s continue to improve in that sense. And then also for the U19 kids, all the kids that are playing U19, my goal is to, any of them that want to have the opportunity, to help them get that opportunity to play in the U.S. in the future, or in Canada if they want, to be able to have a chance to get a scholarship to play college football.


What are your long-term goals?

To really help out with the culture around here so that players, when they decide to retire from the senior team, they want to give back to the club as coaches, referees etc. and to also really get the culture between the players that are going to be moving up to want to become leaders on the teams that they’re moving up to. So these U19s that stay here should become the leaders on the senior’s team, U17s will eventually become the leaders of the U19 team, and so forth. And then to really help the club to become a staple within the community here, have people want to come watch us play that aren’t just family members.


What is one piece of information, the most important advice you can give to the players that you coach?

Just have relentless effort and give everything you can to be the best that you can be. If you’re the best that you can be then that’s all you can ask for as a coach. You can’t ask someone to be better than what they can be.


How do you like Sweden?

I really enjoy Sweden. It’s an awesome country. Everyone has been super nice since I’ve been here, super friendly, helping out if I don’t understand stuff. From a nature standpoint it’s a very beautiful country. There’s a lot more natural areas you can go and see stuff than what I could in Canada, that’s for sure, or at least close by.


What do you like to do when you’re not coaching football?

That’s a tough one. I like to do a lot of different activities, I like to play sports. Obviously I’m not terribly good at a lot of them, but it’s still fun to get out there and play. It’s weird, most of my life, the last ten years, really revolved around football. If I play video games, I play Madden. If I want to go hang out with friends, I usually try to play flag football, something very similar to it. I enjoy going out, just being outside, playing sports; that kind of stuff.

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