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Terms for tennis training with Lugi TF


The application must be done online on Lugi TF´s homepage. The application is binding. If you are under the age of 18 then the application must be done by a guardian. In connection with the application the player/guardian will accept the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions will automatically be sent to the player applying for training via Lugi TFs online formula.


E-mail address

The Player/guardian commits to specify a valid and active e-mail address when applying for training. Lugi TF uses this e-mail address for all communication regarding training activities. Invoices, information about cancelled training sessions and other useful information will be communicated through e-mail. The player/guardian must inform Lugi TF about changes of e-mail address during ongoing semester.


Training schedules

 Lugi TF communicates the training schedules and other information about training activities on the website, www.lugitennis.nu. Lugi TF sends e-mail to all participating players with information about when training starts. In the case that the information about the training schedule isn’t received for any reason the member needs to contact Lugi TF at This is a mailto link.


Training fee

 The Training fee is billed twice a year, at the beginning of the fall semester and at the beginning of the spring semester. This also holds true even if you´re not present at all trainings. Thus there will be no (full or partial) refund of training fee due to illness, injury or other reasons for missed trainings. In some exceptional cases a refund can be possible, partially or for the whole training fee. These exceptions are listed below.


The Invoice  will be sent to the e-mailaddress given in the application. The training fee must be paid in accordance with the instructions of Lugi TF. Lugi TF has the right to deny training for a player if the training fee is not paid in accordance with the instructions of Lugi TF. When Lugi TF sends out a reminder an additional fee of 50 kronor will be added to the training fee. After two reminders the invoice will be sent to a debt collection agency (Inkasso), in which case you will receive a demand to pay the invoice before a certain date. From there on, you must pay the debt to the debt collection agency.


Refunding (full or partial) of training fee is possible in the following cases (provided that Lugi TF receives a written notification about it):


a) If longterm injury/illness occurs, that can be substantiated with a medical certificate, and Lugi TF finds another player for this specific spot.


b) If a player quits during the semester and Lugi TF finds another player for this specific spot.


For waiving the training fee, Lugi TF must receive a written notice to the office no later than a week after the first training session. If you don´t wish to continue with tennis training during the spring semester a written notice must be received by the office no later than on the 15th of december. The notification is submitted either to This is a mailto link or by letter to the address of Lugi TF. An oral notice to a coach is not accepted.


Cancelled training sessions

Cancelled training sessions will be compensated with a training session at another time according to agreement.


Members fee

Player must be a member of Lugi TF to be allowed to participate in training activities. Invoicing of the annual member fee occurs in conjunction with the invoicing of the training fee. The annual member fee for juniors is 250 kronor, seniors 320 kronor and families 530 kronor.

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