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CEP cooperation

06 JUL 2021 12:42
The introduction of a new baseball club Malmö has opened up lots of questions from our own members and the Pilots board has worked on a statement to hopefully answer most of our members questions.
  • Skapad: 06 JUL 2021 12:42

The introduction of a new baseball club, the Club Elite Performance (CEP) in Malmö has opened up lots of questions from our own members and the Pilots board has worked on a statement to hopefully answer most of these questions. This statement answers only Pilots concerned questions, exact CEP information you can find on their website or ask at practices. If anything does seem unanswered for the Pilots, please contact us via email: This is a mailto link

Summary and introduction

In general Malmö Pilots are committed to collaborate with clubs in Sweden and in the region, and as far as possible support growth of the sport and facilitate a strong baseball community as this attracts players and funds, as well as providing us with a stronger position towards the municipality as well as in relation to other sports where we compete for members, players and ultimately for funds and facilities. Based on this we from the Pilots board are pleased with the fact that there now will be an additional club established in Malmö in form of CEP as this will among other things provide us with local competition and an opportunity for us to continue to grow and develop as a club.
We from the board have had discussions with the newly established board at CEP with focus on potential areas of collaboration, and where we on a practical level need to coordinate between the clubs, as listed below.

Why do the Pilots want to collaborate?

  • Currently the Pilots kids and junior teams have to travel far away to play against other teams in games. Another local club could give them opportunities for more easily accessible games.
  • CEP was founded with the thought that more clubs will grow baseball as a sport in Malmö and Sweden, which will be of advantage for the Pilots, meaning more options for kids to practice and play games.The current board of the Pilots after having meetings with CEP founders see an advantage for our kids in this too. With ongoing communication and collaboration we can create a good local baseball community.
  • Two baseball clubs can also create a stronger position in relation to other sports when talking with the municipality. It could provide better access to facilities and funding, and attention from the city and municipality for the sport of baseball.

What do we collaborate on?

  • School events: Visiting schools in Malmö and teaching baseball basics during PE classes. Offering kids to try out baseball and hopefully awake interest for those kids to join a baseball club/ both baseball clubs. CEP is currently taking the initiative and informs kids about both clubs.
  • Kul i Malmö: Events during school holidays where kids are offered sports activities to participate in.
  • Equipment: For joint events or practices essential equipment for baseball like the field, rubber, bases etc will be offered by the Pilots who currently own these. Kids still count as Pilots members they are entitled to use this equipment even when registered with another club (compare it to the Farmarlagsavtal) 

How do we want to collaborate?

  • Ongoing communication between the clubs will be front and centre.
    The two boards will keep up communication throughout 2021 and see how it develops. Cecilia (Pilots) and Jonas (Pilots+CEP) are currently holding the main communication.
  • Sharing practice days and times and the field for the year 2021. CEP in the very beginning joined some practices at the Pilots and have since established their own practice times. So there won’t be an immediate or foreseeable competition in facility or time slots. Kids who would like to participate in practices must pay membership fees to the Pilots nonetheless, nothing changes from previous years. Their membership with CEP will be arranged through them.
  • Equipment: For the joint practices in year 2021 (where kids count as Pilots AND CEP members if they pay for both) equipment currently owned by Malmö Pilots will be shared and when CEP purchases their own equipment it will also be shared in joint practices or events. Once CEP starts their own practice times there needs to be an in depth conversation which equipment could be shared and which is not being shared. For 2022 and onward this will be renegotiated.

Extra Information:

  • On the topic of competition between the two clubs, which has come up as a concern to members of the Pilots, the board does not see that currently we are competing for coaches or players. Our youth membership numbers have not been reduced.
    The Pilots have a strong player base and for kids the possibility of licensing for games against other teams will be important to maintain this interest. So even if there would be a reduced member count we value the opportunity of local games higher. 
  • CEP is in the beginning stage and the plan is to keep collaborations in upcoming years ongoing. Both sides do not want to put kids in the position to have to choose between clubs, but it is more seen as offering a variety of timeslots for children to choose from, or double their practice times by training in both clubs. When CEP reaches a level of licensing players in this club we will find arrangements for that too, hopefully in agreements without causing competition for kids.
  • Regarding grant support in relation to youth activity - all youth participating in the Pilot practices are being registered for attendance which is the foundation for the LOK-grant. We therefore do not see that we will lose out financially in any way during 2021. Funds and LOK are allocated based on the number of kids members and participants in practices. The boards will finalise a system on how to allocate this.
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