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All about the race Åhus TrailRun the 15th of March

Date: Sunday 15th of March 2020

Distances: Choose between 21, 10 and 5 kilometres. To get a clear overview of the different distances, please look at the maps below. 21 k starts with a loop of 11 k and ends with two loops of 5 k (the same loop as our participants of 5 k runs). News for this year is that participants of 10 k runs one big loop. 

Terrain description: The coast forest area south of Åhus is one of the biggest sand dune forests in Scandinavia. The hills are not so high but often steep (the highest point 25-30 metres above sea level). The trail runners will experience sand, moss, grass and beautiful trail paths under their feet. Some parts even on the sand beach close to the waves from the Baltic Sea.

Map 21 k race.     Map 10 k race.     Map 5 k race. 

Start times: 21 k: 11.00    10 k: 11.20    5 k: 11.30

Maximum time: The finish closes at 14.30. If you are running the 21 k race, the last 5 k lap must start at latest 13.40 (this corresponds a running speed of 10 min per kilometre). 

How you'll find the race arena: The arena is located approx. 8 km south of Yngsjö. Signs at road number 118 will be placed here: GPS-coordinates 55.817000, 14.189200. From there follow the organizer's instructions. 

Arena: Strandridaregården in Friseboda, only 100 metres from the sea.  

Parking: The distance from parking to the arena: 200-1500 metres.

Toilets: Toilets will be placed on the big parking area 200 metres west of the arena. 

Energy stations: Water and Umara Energy drink will be available at the energy stations. For the 21 k runners you'll find the energy stations after 5, 11 and 16 kilometres. The 10 k runners have one station after 5 kilometres. 

Time keeping: Neptron is responsible for the time keeping. Follow the live results and split times on the result page.  

Dressing rooms: There will be some dressing tents on the arena, where it will be possible to change clothes after the race. 

Medal: Everyone will get a medal after finish! New design 2020. 

Serving: News 2020! All participants will get soup and bread after the race. It will be possible for spectators to buy soup as well.  

Registration: Register to the race here: Registration.

Online registration: Is possible until the 13th of March.   

Late entry registration: Is possible until 10.15 at the race day (if there are start tickets left). 

Registration fees and deadlines:  

Distance   15 nov-31 dec    1 jan-2 march    3 march-15 march

21 k             350 SEK                420 SEK                 490 SEK
10 k             300 SEK                360 SEK                 420 SEK
5 k               250 SEK                300 SEK                 350 SEK

Registration fee youth runners: For youth runners born 2004 or later we are offering 50%  discount. Make the entry in specifik registration formular at Race.se

Change of registration: You can change distance at the race day only (at minimum 60 min before your start time). Changing fee: 50 SEK + the difference in SEK between your previously paid registration fee and the current registration fee. The change can only be paid in cash. 

Number bib: Pick up your number bib on the arena at 09.15-10.30. We recommend that you are on the arena at least one hour before start.  

Questions and more information: Please send an E-mail to This is a mailto link

Warmly Welcome to the Eastern coast of Skåne!

We guarantee you a wonderful nature and running experience in the forests along the Baltic Sea coast! 

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