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Elif Gökce Avci new runner in Tisaren!

24 FEB 2018 15:15
We welcome Elif from Turkey (to the right in the picture) to join our club, here you can read a short interview with her.
  • Skapad: 24 FEB 2018 15:15

How did you come in contact with OK Tisaren and why did you choose to represent us in 2018?

I was looking for a club which would be great and help to improve my o-skills. I knew Tisaren would be perfect for it because around in Hallsberg they have technical maps and good runners. I could learn many things from experienced orienteers in a good place. I said to the one of our coach, who is also friend with Tomas. And they wanted to help to me.

Which competitions do you aim for to compete in the Tisaren-jersey?

I like to run in relay’s. Because being a part of the team gives extra power and concentration. So i’m looking forward to run at big relay’s.

You have met some of our runners on the training camp in Antalya, have our clubmates made a good impression so far?

I met with Tomas at JEC in Austria. I knew that he is friendly. When i met with other clubmates, i felt so welcomed, they are warm and friendly.

What would you see as your biggest success so far in your career?

World School Orienteering Champs Long Distance - 3th place

What are your long term goals in orienteering?

Become a professional athlete is one of my big goal.

Do you believe that OK Tisaren can help you towards your goals and what do you expect to achieve along our side?

Scandinavian terrain is totally different than our’s. I want to use to run this type of terrains. I believe that every training with Tisaren will help to achieve what i’m aiming for. I’m looking forward for the key trainings.

As an orienteerer you get to know many different types of terrain and maps. My personal favourite-map is the orienteering map in Gebiz (?) that we always hope to get to run on the Antalya training camps. Which map/terrain is your favourite?

Yes, Gebiz is one of my favourite map in Turkey. I really enjoyed when i was running in Terälahti just after the Grano Games. I had to pay attention when i was running through from micro hills and rocks.

It´s time for some quick questions;

-          Favourite distance? Sprint and relay

-          Favourite orienteering-shoes? Bold

-          Ice-skating or cross-country skiing? We don’t have snow that much. I choose cycling :)

-          Swedish meatballs or turkish kebab? Swedish meatballs

-          Dancing or singing? Dancing

-          Following or leeding the group? Following the group

-          First or last leg at a relay? First leg

-          Downhill or uphill? Uphill

-          Favourite meal? Turkish type ravioli


We thank Elif for this short interview and wish you all the best in our club! We are looking forward to meet you! :)

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