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The season of 2010 so far

03 APR 2010 16:32
A report from our headtrainer, Nigel Matthews, regarding the season so far.
  • Uppdaterad: 10 APR 2010 16:34

Dear all Rugby friends,


Well, Easter is already upon us, which means that the Swedish Rugby season is just around the corner. We at Red Saints/Attila are now at the start of a new exciting era. What with a strong, well organized and highly professional club board, fixing and helping with all of the boring but important aspects of the coming season, and indeed the coming years, I as a trainer feel comfortable and confident. Their behind the scenes work is to be admired by all of us. The improvement of the pitch, a clubhouse, better equipment and a reliable back-up organizational team, is more than we could have dreamed of one year ago. All this means that we as trainers, players and parents must now step up to the mark on a higher plain.


Our responsibilities are now to justify this new input by not accepting anything but first place at every match and tournament, to make an even higher commitment to the club, training and each other, while still maintaining the happy and fun environment that we have already become famous for in Sweden. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new trainer Pablo, who is going to build a U13 squad, despite his tender 22 years, he has already amassed a great deal of experience as a trainer. He has enormous enthusiasm and an abundance of energy, he is a huge new asset. Richard and Guy have both achieved new qualifications by attending coaching courses, I am also in the middle of training course to achieve national squad trainer`s status. The constant flow of ideas, training methods, energy, sense of purpose, attention to detail and duty and determination to win, makes us a formidable three man team. But let us not forget, behind every great man, there is a great woman. In this case Cecilia, who selfishly gives up many hours every week, insuring that all aspects of our teams` needs are met.


At this point we should not forget the Moms and Dads who drag themselves out of bed in temperatures of -18 to +25, in order to get our lads to training, the constant depositing of half a Rugby pitch on your car back-seat, the washing of kit and the putting up with that smell, that only a Rugby player can produce and a skunk can admire. Winter training has, as usual, been a proving/improving ground. Proving our commitment to each other, and improving our basic techniques. Not to mention us raising our level of fitness and toughness. If we can play Rugby and perform at a high level in extreme conditions, then this type of training can only be considered as beneficial. Some people may think that my methods are slightly extreme, but let me reassure you that the safety, health and well-being of our lads is paramount in all of my decisions as head trainer. As a parent myself I respect the fact that some parents have concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to me after training, I am far more approachable and easy to communicate with than I look like during training or a match. Indoor training has its own rewards. A Rugby player can now develop into a better athlete. Learning how to use and increase the ability of every muscle. Sometimes size physical (big or small) is not enough to enable success nor victory. The development of agility in combination with physical strength, proportional to the individual, helps to build self-confidence. The precision timing of performing exercises simultaneously as a group of three or six or twenty, has helped to build a stronger team bonding. At the same time, every individual has both proved and improved  their strengths and weaknesses. This has led to a new respect between the lads. They are now all encouraging each other, pushing themselves, so that team effort is highest priority. Trust, belief, pride and respect for each other, this is what makes the best team. With all this in mind, myself Richard and Guy could not be more happy with the progress and the commitment our lads are proving and achieving.


So, where do we go from here?.... I`ll tell you. We must now ensure that all this hard work does not go to waste. Let us make sure that no-one misses a single training session. No-one misses a tournament or match. We are a squad, we train together, sweat together, and occasionally compare toe-nails together. We have a full-fighting strong unbeatable U15 and U17. This is now our era. Let us now become the future Swedish Rugby champions, the legends of the future. As it is we have eleven players in the Swedish Rugby Academy, why not all of our lads? There should be no false-ceilings to our achievements. The last time I felt this proud and confident in a squad was 1983, that is a long time and many won and lost championships ago. We have worked and achieved, we must now increase our effort to be recognized as the winning force that we are.


Best regards,

Nigel Matthews,

Head youthtrainer,

Red Saints / Attila




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