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Enköpingscupen 2009


Any artist will tell you; ”to create a masterpiece, you must have the right raw materials” and boy, do we have them! Due to dedication at training all of our Red Saints are developing beyond all hopes and expectations. Arriving at Brommaplan on a tournament day, always fills me with a great sense of excitement, wondering what treasure-chest of memories is today going to bring us all. I pity any and all teams that turn up to tournament, over-confident or lacking confident, and then face our lads. The pure determination, the never-say-die attitude is just beyond all criticism. We opened our account against Exiles (and if we continue at our present rate, they will exile!). The first, all important, five to ten minutes (as anyone who was witness will agree) we had a fifty-fifty situation. Neither side was able to break through. Then digging deeper than they have ever done before, and with a succession of lucky breaks, they started to move ahead. Sure we made some vital errors, but fancy handling picked up over seven years can and will take its toll. Sometimes luck is with you and sometimes not. Our lads continued to fight, and would not give up. We left that pitch wiser and stronger. Everyone I spoke to said the same thing, “This Red Saints team, they can take it, and give it. They really have a great future!”


After lunch we re-grouped with new vigor, and with pride intact. Enköping did not know what hit them. These Red Saints hit them with hard tackles and even harder desire to win. Despite the oppositions constant ability to high-tackle (even from off-side positions) and other forms of questionable play and behavior, the lads came through victorious, and pure-playing clean winners; 30-0.


Erikslund, (a once thorn-in-our-side team) came up against the constantly new and improving Red Saints. Maybe due to the heat, the early good start against them, or our on-going lack of match experience, we had a last conflict of brilliance and simple errors. The consequence of this was four unnecessary tries against us. But eight well deserved, hard-worked-for, team-effort tries in our favour, a fine and well-earned result 40-20.


Scotsmen are not famous for being passionate, ask my wife! (But we are the best lovers in the world.) Rugby is my passion, and the passion our lads give and show, gives us as trainers and parents all the reasons to continue on this path. To encourage, insist and leave no achievement out of our reach! The lads, the trainers and the parents together will succeed!


Best Regards,

Nigel Matthews

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