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Viking Cup 2009


Our performance at this tournament was similar to the weather; at times miserable, at times blowing hot and cold, at times really hot!

After a reshuffle of the original schedule, (to please the usual group of moaners) we as Red Saints fear no-one, obviously unlike some others. We opened the account with Söderlund (a mixture of Erikslund and Södertälje), this mixture allowing them a full squad plus substitutes. This was well fought, and despite our non-existing substitutes, our ten men stayed on that pitch for the full twenty-four minutes, took and gave hell, to produce a 15-15 result.

Frölunda with a full troop of nineteen players, and six years of experience, offered a formidable force. After the first bruising battle with Söderlund and an all too long two-hour break, we found ourselves mentally and physically lacking in our approach to this match. Frölunda ran in try after try, we never regrouped, and a crushing 10-55 was the result.

Our last match on Saturday was against Trojan, a team that we have crushed twice already this season. However with their sixteen man squad, our ten men fought a hard fight; again, after a two-hour wait. But this time the lads had sat for half an hour self-analising themselves as a team (a tough, hard lesson in life), and looking slightly nervous our boys came out, and did perform a well, only to lose 20-25.

SUNDAY – Vänersborg came out fighting, still licking their wounds I feel after being beaten by us already this season, and their well-drilled team did not want to suffer a repeat performance. Our Red Saints held up well, result 20-25; a bitter disappointment to our brave lads.

Our final match was against Enköping. Our constantly growing team of heroes knew what to do. From the first to the final whistle, we on the sideline were a witness to poetry in motion. A thoroughly deserved 30-15, VICTORY!

In short: Played 5, Won 1, Lost 3 (2 of which with 1 try), Drawn 1.

FINAL SUMMARY: This was our first long-distance tournament, a new experience for many, and definitely for us as a team. So now we know how it feels to travel long distances, sleep and eat in unfamiliar surroundings and have to play matches, so next time this will not come as a shock. We will insure in the future, that all times we will travel with all our players. The Red Saints U15-team needs and will come first. We now have a fifteen-man squad and when all are assembled we have an unbeatable team. We entered this season an unknown quantity/quality, we have established our name and place in Sweden Rugby; four tournaments – two silver medals – pride intact – and a great future ahead. The team spirit and behavior of our lads, on and off the pitch, is second to none, as all who were at Gothenburg can bare witness. Let us all, players, parents and coaches look forward to even bigger and better tournaments and gatherings in the second half of this season, and indeed, the seasons to come.

On a separate note, huge thank you to Cecilia, for a problem-free, excellently organised trip; accommodation, food, Liseberg and bus – TOP JOB! A huge thank you to all those who made Saturday night a party to remember (hope to see even more parents next time). On a final note, thank you to our brave Red Saints team, who make all this possible.

Nigel and Richard


Vårt U-17 lag vid Viking Cup 2009

Our three U17 players teamed up with Trojan and Hammerby to form “Piraterna”.


After just one  hours practice together they took on Exiles giving them a good match, going down by only 3 tries. The next match was a tough one against Vänersborg, but the “will” was still there and good tackles were put in.  A come-back in the last minute earned a great draw against Wexiö in the last match on Saturday, unfortunately missing a conversion for a win.


At 11.00 on Sunday it was up against Vänersborg again, our players strengthening the Wexiö side. Vänersborg, the eventual winners of the U17 were held out until long into the first half. This match was followed immediately, by joining Piraterna again to give Exiles a tough match, just going down by two tries.


The last match was against Wexio winning by 2 tries and thereby taking out 3rd place. Not only that but Piraterna won the Fair Play prize also.


Guy Taylor


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