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Stockholm International 2010 P17

Well what a day, already at 9.00am the temperature was creeping towards 20 degrees. A full turn-out of 14 P17s was ready to start battle, with now the new players with one tournament under their belt.


Well first up was Gothenburg, with a lot of strong players from the P15 from last year that won the silver medal last year. After a rather slow start and conceding some tries in the first half the players came back strongly in the second half gaining confidence and then getting the well-deserved first try of the season, a penalty try and conversion. The team looked on top for about 10 minutes of the second half in the best performance of the season.


Next up was Erikslund - an old foe from last year. After saying they wanted to play ten aside some 30 min. before the match start, just when the refereee was to blow the start of the match suddenly they had gained 3 Exiles players and wanted to play 13 a-side. So, ok after a hesitate start, we missed some tackles in the first half we came back fighting in the second half but lost 2 players through, injury first again William, who badly injured his forearm, but came back on Sunday as a great team player to support his team mates with his arm in plaster - thank goodness it was not too serious and he should be back in the thick of it in 4 weeks times. Then Simon had to go off with a recurring collarbone injury from Norrköping. Thanks to Exiles too for lending two players as reserves.


Next was Vänesborg, playing 11 aside with two players from Exiles now playing to keep a full team, then Jonas was injured  in the knee and had to come off. Vänesborg are an experience side that turned out to be tough, but we battled on after a long day in the sun.


Sunday morning at 8am, what a contrast, it was bucketing it down and to add to our difficulties two more players had rang in injured, now down to just nine players and first up was Exiles! Trojan came with some great assistance fitting in well with the team and we managed to give Exiles a game in the wet.


Next up was Erikslund again. Trojan again came to our assistance with just eight of our players left with Simon having to pull out again. After Erikslund had established a lead with their two very quick players we did not give up and Jake managed to gain over for the last try of the match.


Then four of our players returned the favour to Trojan and put in a great effort to beat Gothenburg.


Next up for our boys was Gothenburg who now also had injury problems and elected to forfeit the game to us, giving our boys a deserved 7th place.


However five of our boys had not finished and gave a big contribution to Trojan against Erikslund, going down with a good fight and Marcus even going over for a deserved strong team try near the end of the match.


Again we showed our strong team work, and gained more respect from our opponents as well as making some good new friends with other players who joined us and we supported. All the players can be very proud of what they achieved this weekend for ever improving as a team.


Finally but most importantly thanks again for the top parent and other family/friend support.


Guy and Rich

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