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USM 2010

I would like to thank everyone responsible for making this last weekend such a special memory; that I feel sure will remain in our hearts forever.


The list of individual contributions would take too long to write or read, and I have been asked to reduce the length of my mails.


This last campaign was well-prepared for. Both established and new warrior Saints bonded and supported each-other.


I was fortunate enough to witness the trials and tribulations of our P17’s, and I am sure that everyone who has witnessed their growing ability and strengths, from a  the start of this season until now, can only admire their progress. A completely new team, that was formed in May, playing their first tournament ever, assisted by our own P15’s, and of course Trojan P17’s who have fought alongside us during the whole season. Red Saints P17’s have had a very tough season, cutting their teeth and establishing themselves as a force to be respected and recognized by all. Their never-failing positive mental attitude, good humor, good sportsmanship, constant recruitment of new players(whom they help and encourage), politeness and attention to duty is beyond reproach. Their future in rugby is secure, and I look forward to being there with them. I am also looking forward to Guy’s tournament report.


Our P15’s are absolutely phenomenal. Their physical and psychological strength is second to no other P15 team that I have ever seen. Their commitment to, and at training is the envy of the P15 world. These men eat, breath and live Rugby. I heard nothing but compliments and admiration for this team; from trainers, teams, parents and officials. Indeed, the English officials implored me to take this team to Great Britain, where they believe that we could beat every team within the P15 age group. We started this season with nine men, and now have fourteen. Our latest warriors having started to play Rugby, and join Red Saints only one month ago and cut their teeth at the USM. This was a tough task, but they gave 100% and established their well-earned positions on this team. We had a hard-fought campaign, but each match was contended with precision, strength, skill and aggression. Very few simple mistakes were made, and even fewer serious ones. I know what we have to work on, and can guaranty even better results in the future. The achievement of winning the “Silver Medal” at the USM by a three year old squad, playing against squads with eight years of experience, is unbelievable! The disappointment of missing the gold medal by one try was heartbreaking. But let us not dwell on this, let us instead celebrate our fantastic achievements; 2010- 2 Gold medals, one Silver and one Bronze. Plus we have the “Seriespel Final” now on Saturday, another gold medal waiting to be fought for and won. The pride that we all feel for these men is well-deserved.


So let us all congregate at “Bromma Rugby pitch” this Saturday 09:30, and cheer-on our P17 and P15 warrior Saints. Flip some burgers, party and celebrate at this season’s final 2010 Rugby matches.


Best regards,

Nigel Matthews,

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