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Vårcupen 2010 P17

Well where do you start!! Arriving at Norrköping with little time to warm up, the P17 team entered the field. With a team of half experienced players from P15 last year, 2 P17s from last year and the other half of new players. A little nervous for the team ,  no warm up and having to change the systems they had organised in training.
Away we go from the start and to the finish the nerves disappeared and all these warriors we had on the pitch grew into true rugby players. Tackles were made and the handling skills was of top quality. The other teams were older more experienced P17 teams with some really big guys playing but this didn't stop any of our players taking down the biggest in any tackle. Unfor
tunately going down 0-19 in this game. Next game the boys started in the same spirit as they finished the last hard tackling and good skills. The game took a turn with two injuries to experienced players. You would think this would affect the players, but no these guys worked harder and harder to the end of the match not letting in anymore tries. We went down 0-14 the players came off the pitch myself and Guy could not say anything. The effort and teamwork given in the game was 100% and no less.
Next came Exiles well again the effort was 100% and with two loan players they all battled hard. The game finished 0-87.
The last game we were joined by most of the P15 team and put up a great fight against Enköping  but again going down.
All in all this was the first competitive competition and first match with this team. There was no exceptions in the team everyone and I mean everyone gave everything they had until the final whistle of the final game. This as trainers makes you feel very proud of all the players when this happens and as trainers we are proud of all the players.
A very big well done to everyone you can be proud of yourselves.
Thanks to all the parents for the support. Thanks to any team that gave us players so we could play.
Rich and Guy

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