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Sports in Sweden

  • Skapad: 04 OKT 2013 17:05

There are many tasks of a more general character that are either too complex or too time-consuming for the specialized sports federations to deal with themselves.

The Swedish Sports Confederation is an umbrella organization with the task of supporting its member federations and, in an official capacity, representing the whole Swedish sports movement in contacts with the authorities, politicians etc.

High priority is given to employing the full force of a united popular movement vis-à-vis political decision-makers.

Strategic leadership

The Swedish Sports Confederation is a powerful organ of opinion in the service of Swedish sport, continually clarifying the responsibility that sport assumes and the positive values that the popular movement represents.

The Swedish Sports Confederation is a regular consultative partner of the government as well as collaborating with government departments and ministries. One of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s overriding tasks is that of providing strategic leadership for Swedish sport pertaining to matters of finance, organization and communications.

The Swedish Sports Confederation also initiates and supports interdisciplinary research in medicine, physiology, sociology, technique and the behavioural sciences.

It is the Swedish Sports Confederation that defends the legitimacy of sport and reports on the current state of sport, illuminating its extent and importance.

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