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COVID-19 status

 Due to the COVID-19 situation, Delfinen as an organizer is trying to execute the regatta in best possible manner and at the same time comply with regulations from the Swedish authorities as well as address common sense with the objective to avoid any possible spread of the virus. The main rule to comply with is the 50 persons rule which basically means that within “one area” max 50 persons can attend. The situation may change and Delfinen will adopt accordingly. Based on the risk analysis made, Delfinen has decided the following:

  • Max No of participating boats is raised to 50 boats, from previously 25 boats
  • One race area will be used both days
  • Depending on the No of participating boats, the boats will be divided into two groups where the second group will start after the first group, on the same race-course.
  • If the race committee decides to go for two start groups, the groups will be made based on a ranking of results from earlier regattas such as Swedish Nationals, Danish Nationals and European Championships 2019. The ranking will be made by the race committee with assistance of the Swedish 505 association. The composition of the two groups will be posted on the official website of Delfinen, no later than Friday 21 August at 9 pm.
  • Based on the total result from Saturday’s races, the top 50% teams from each group will be placed in group A and the remaining teams will be placed in group B for the Sunday races. Each competitor brings their results from day 1 to day 2. The Swedish Champion 2020 will be found among the teams in group A.
  • The same starting procedure will be used on Sunday as on Saturday.

 Delfinen assess the contamination risk is higher on land than on sea. Delfinen has therefore decided the following actions: 

  • The barbeque, the regatta dinner and the common breakfasts will be cancelled.
  • Skippers briefing is maximized to 50 persons (one person per boat).
  • Other procedures may be introduced during the regatta to comply with regulations as well as to minimize any possible contamination of COVID-19

 As mentioned earlier, the situation may change over time and we will adjust with the objective to execute best possible regatta taken the situation into consideration. We will keep you informed.

In case the event is cancelled, we will of course return any fee that has been paid to us.


Kind regards

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