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Haninge and Rudans Frisbeesportcenter is situated in the southern suburbs of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, approx. 20km from the central city. It's easily accessible by car as well as public transportation. The local commuter train station lies only a couple of hundred meters from the tournament centre.

To Stockholm, you can go by car, boat, train or air. The main airport is Arlanda, 25km north of Stockholm, about 45 min drive to Haninge (longer in the rush hours). You also have the choice of Skavsta airport, trafficated by Ryan Air. Skavsta lies in the town of Nyköping, 100 km south of Stockholm. Roughly an hour to Haninge by car. From Finland there are excellent boat/ferry lines going from Helsinki to Stockholm.


Stockholm and suburbs. E4 south leads to Skavsta airport, and E4 north comes from Arlanda.



 X marks The tournament centre. The course is shown with the big red blob.


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