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Täby Slalomklubb objects to FIS President comments

07 FEB 2019 14:41
  • Skapad: 07 FEB 2019 14:41

As the largest alpine ski association in Sweden, we strongly object to the statements made by International Ski Federation (FIS) President Gian Franco Kasper in an interview to Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger (link) of Feb 4, regarding that he favors dictatorships hosting the Olympic Games.

Täby Slalomklubb has the deepest respect for FIS as an organization, but we cannot, and will not, passively accept that the head of alpine skiing in the world, that represents us all, makes comments like this.

In our opinion, we cannot see that favoring dictatorships is in any way in line with the FIS Universal Code of Ethics, where one of the fundamental principles is “Respect of human dignity, non-discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds, and rejection of all forms of harassment”.

We urge Mr. Kasper to reconsider his position as President of FIS, or to make a statement where he distances himself, without any reservations, from his comments regarding dictatorships and assures the world that he respects the fundamental principles in the FIS Universal Code of Ethics. If Mr. Kasper does not act, we urge the Board of Directors in FIS to take action and remove him from his position as soon as possible.

In Täby Slalomklubb we value democracy highly, and if it is the opinion of FIS to accept the President’s statements that he favors dictatorships, we will need to reconsider if we can accept being represented on the highest level by a person holding these views.


February 7, 2019,

Täby, Sweden


Per Werngren, President of Täby Slalomklubb

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