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Information about Autumn practice 2020


The registration for the Autumn practice 2020 is done in the following link (it is in swedish, but if you have any quesions about the sign up just send an e-mail)

Welcome to register! The swimming practice starts the 17 of August! 

Don't hesitate to send an e-mail to This is a mailto link if you have any questions. 

Mondays     20.30-21.30
Tuesdays    20.30-21.30
Thursdays   20.30-21.30

Högevallsbadet, Lund

400 kr for spring semester + 40 kr for membership in TIF

Two different levels:
"Oldies but Goldies": suits well for former competitive swimmers. The workouts are around 2000-2500 meters.

"Phelps' Juniors": suits well for those who would like to improve their swimming and maybe don’t have any experience in competitive swimming. We require that you are comfortable in the pool, that you swim backstroke and breaststroke well, and that you are also able to swim freestyle with your head in the water and breathe to your side.


Mondays: Both groups in the pool, normally swimming different workouts with one coach each. Depending on the number of participants and requests, Mondays might contain conditioning, speed, all out races, pacing - you name it.
6 lanes, 2 coaches

Tuesdays: One workout for everyone but is mainly for “oldies but goldies” - more meters and higher speed. Of course are “Phelps’ juniors” also welcome to join and do their best, but the focus is on speed and meters in the pool!
3 lanes, 1 coach

Thursdays: This workout will focus on technique, starts and turns as well as mastering all four strokes. The coach will be able to dedicate more time on those who need it for further development, and pracitice is best suited for "Phelps Juniors'".
3 lanes, 1 coach

For whom?
Whoever is a student are welcome to register. To keep your spot you need to pay on time (information about that comes when you have received your spot) and is or become a member in TIF.

Please contact This is a mailto link


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