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Tipsy is a dance club for Bugg, Lindy Hop and Foxtrot. We organize dance classes and dance evenings. If you want to learn how to dance sign up for class!


Sign up for a beginner's ("nybörjare" in Swedish) class ("kurs" in Swedish). Sign up here. (Lindy Hop classes will be taught in English if needed).



Bugg is the Swedish "national dance" and very popular on the Swedish
dance floors. It has its origin in Sweden and was developed during the 1970's.

Check out some Bugg video clips here.

Lindy Hop

The Lindy Hop is a cheerful partner dance, also called the Jitterbug, and it is traditionally danced to swing music. The dance was established in Harlem in the 20's and originated from a series of dance styles that were popular in the African American community in the U.S., such as The Charleston. It had its peak in the 30’s and 40's.

The Lindy Hop is usually associated with upbeat music and acrobatics, as this might be what usually appears in films, shows and competitions. However, the Lindy Hop is a social dance and the dance tempo can vary from very slow to very fast. It can be spontaneous as well as choreographed.

Please join Karlskrona’s lindy hop-group on Facebook and you will get information about other events, workshops and courses:


Fox is a modern variant of the dance foxtrot, developed in the United States in the 1920’s.

Fox is a smooth and gentle dance where the dancers are mostly in a close position and the steps and actions are wery much adapted to the music.

Fox is a common social dance, using slow tempo music like pop, rock or other kind of dance music.


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