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Match Anmälan | Match Registration

To be eligible to play matches for the Västerås Cricket Club, one must both be a member of the club and register their availability for the match.

Information on how to become a member is detailed here. For how to register your availability for matches, read on below.

Note that if you do not register yourself for availability, you will not be considered in the selection process for the match and will not play. It is very important, therefore, to register your availability for all matches that you wish to play, before the defined deadline.


How to register your availability


  1. Log into this website with your logon details. If you do not have logon details, you are not yet an official member, consult this page for more instructions.

  2. Select Schema | Schedule in the navigation bar


  3. Use the date navigator to go to the month the match is played in (alternatively, use the Föregåend månad | Nästa månad links to navigate one month forward or backward)


  4. The matches for the selected month are shown in the results view. Click the event title (in blue) to open the match details.


  5. Click either of the Klicka här för att registrera din tillgänglighet | Click here to register your availability links


  6. In the Name box, enter your full name and then click the Register Availability button to register your availability


  7. A successful registration will result in the message Tack för ditt svar!


Selection process


The team that gets plays a match is selected from all of the registered members for that match. The selection is performed by the selection committee, which will select the team on Thursday evenings.

Therefore, registration for a match closes at 17:00 on the Thursday before the matchday. 

Once the team has been selected, it will be published on this website as well as published on the Västerås Cricket Club facebook group.


What happens if I can no longer play a match I registered for?


The registration process doesn't allow for unregistering yourself. Therefore, if you have registered your availability for a match and are no longer available, it is important to contact the web administrator of the changes, and they will be done manually.

Please notify of your unavailability before 17:00 on the Thursday before the matchday. Late notifications make it very hard for selectors, players and others involved in the club. Before registering your availability, ensure you will actually be available. Any untrustworthiness accrued as a result of previous late cancellations may negatively affect your chances of being selected for a match you actually are available for.

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