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Nya löpare 2022

24 MAR 2022 16:36
Mark Bogataj som var i klubben under hösten återkommer och har med sig sina vänner Gregor Hvala, Peter Tušar and Simon Stanonik. I den här nyheten får de chansen att presentera sig lite kort.
  • Uppdaterad: 24 MAR 2022 16:36

Vi är väldigt glada att hälsa våra nya löpare välkomna till klubben och bad dem att lite kort presentera sig själva(vilket ni kan läsa om nedan). Tilläggas kan att Mark Bogataj var under hösten 2021 medlem i klubben och representerade oss i bland annat Smålandskavlen men även ett antal inviduella tävlingar.

Från UK´s sida är vi förståss mycket glada för denna förstärkning och hoppas det kan inspirera våra unga löpare att ta yterliggare ett kliv i sin utveckling. Så inte bara att det förstärker vårt lag kortsiktigt så hoppas vi givetvis på ett lägre utbyte och samarbete.

Mark Bogataj

My name is Mark Bogataj, I am 23 years old, and I come from Žiri, Slovenia. Currently, I am finishing my master’s degree in computer science at the University of Ljubljana.

Furthermore, I am also an athlete running for Orienteering club Azimut, which is based in a nearby town called Cerkno.

The closest map to where I live is also probably my favourite. It is called Rupe and the terrain is physically very demanding and running straight is not always great. There aren't many flat parts on the map, and the ground is very stony as well. Most of my trainings I did in the last few months were located more to the Southwest part of Slovenia, where the terrains are flatter, and more runnable but still very technical. And I have to say that they are also coming closer to my heart.

Peter Tušar

I am Peter Tušar, 26 y.o. Currently I live and work in Ljubljana, but I originally come from Cerkno, small town in very hilly western part of Slovenia, where my family owns small farm. I am finishing my studies at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. I have attended courses for orienteering coaches.

My orienteering club is OK Azimut. I have been running orienteering since autumn 2010. I have been vice president and coach at our club for last few years. I have also organized and set courses for few Slovenian league orienteering races.

I like fast and technical karst terrains. But my favourite terrain is at Rogla plateau, which is terrain at 1300m a.s.l. with nice spruce trees, marshes and blueberries. It reminds me of Scandinavian forests.

Simon Stanonik

My name is Simon Stanonik, and I am 25 years old. I come from small town, Žiri. Currently, I am finishing my master’s degree in mechanical engineering at University of Ljubljana. Right now, I make my living working as engineer for process automation.

Since 2012, I am member of nearby orienteering club, Orientacijski klub Azimut. In the past couple of years, I got more involved in organizing trainings for youngsters and setting courses for league races. I would say, my favorite map is Zaloški stol. Bigger part of the map is flat plateau with many depressions. Plateau may not look like the most technical terrain ever, but mistakes here can be counted in minutes. Northern part is very technical slope, with some boulder as big as smaller house. I really like the transition from maximum running speed at plateau, to slow and technically demanding slope.

Gregor Hvala

My name is Gregor Hvala and I am 26 years young. I live in a small village called Vojsko, located in the western part of Slovenia. After finishing the Master ’s degree in Material Science, I landed a job in nearby town Spodnja Idrija where I work as Quality Assurance Engineer in factory specializing in aluminium castings.

I have been training orienteering for 11 years. I have been an active member of Slovenian club Orientacijski klub Azimut, where I also contribute as a coach and as a board member.

Although Slovenia is small, it is a home to many diverse terrains. My favorite terrain is fast karst terrain, which is technically demanding but with decent runnability. Last year I focused on sprint orienteering and since I find running at high speeds around the corners very challenging, I have enjoyed the narrow streets in the old city centers (e.g. Koper, Izola) on the Slovenian coast.

I am very grateful to Västerås SOK to give my colleagues and I the opportunity for collaboration and all the support by giving us a chance to improve our orienteering skills on different terrains.


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