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A long tradition in Ystad

Up until 1934 outdoor summer competitions was arranged by the town's military fencing club. To continue this tradition, the civil fencing club "Ystads Fäktklubb" was founded in 1935. The tournament 2014 is arranged for the 80. time, which makes it the oldest civil fencing tournament, in Sweden. 


The competition was held outdoors until 1974 when the indoor arena "Österporthallen" was built. Until then the bouts had traditionally been fought on wooden pists at the town's seaside resort "Saltsjöbaden". In one of the fencing club's jubilee documentations one can read about arrangements with colorful lamps along the pists in the sundown, spreading a romantic glimmer in the reflection of the sea.


The competition got its name "Ystad International" during the Olympic year 1988. The olympic games in Seoul was to be held in October and since the world cup season finished in June, the Swedish Fencing Federation decided to promote a big international competition in Ystad to prepare for the olympic games. The first winner in the men's epée competition was Eric Srecki, who later on won the team gold for France in Seoul and individual gold in Barcelona 1992.


Since 1991 Ystad International has hosted the Nordic Championships in epée several times. Close to 200 fencers from about 15 countries usually enters the competition. Nowadays, the sabre competition has also been reintroduced.


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