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KTH Roddförening - Akademisk Idrott

We are the official rowing team of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Our parent club is Akademiska Roddföreningen ARF (est. 1929) on Brunnsviken. For detailed information about training, beginners’ courses, schedule and the boathouse please check the website:




We are an association of KTH students that was founded 2015. We aim to gather students who want to train and compete in the sport of rowing. We are currently approximately 20 members with additional 80 members in our parent club with significant alumni network (based on 2019). The club welcomes experienced rowers as well as beginners who wish to participate in national competitions or wish to do casual training. The boathouse in the picturesque Haga park next to lake Brunnsviken, about 20-30 min walk from KTH main campus.

Training with us

The water training season is approximately April-November, depending on ice conditions and daylight hours. For competitive rowers, our coach Connla Edwards (assistant coach for Swedish national rowing team) designs and oversees the training. Usual training sessions on the water take 1.5-2.5 hours. The boats are assigned based on availability while keeping in mind the potential boats for major competitions (EUSA, Swedish Championships).

The winter training involves low and high intensity training, weights and regular ergometer tests that have been scheduled and optimized to be in top form for the national indoor rowing championships. Weekly circuits training session is organized from approximately October until April which usually takes place in KTH Hallen. In addition, every year we organize a 5-day cross-country skiing trip.


KTH rowing is a student led sports club and we are actively involved in participating and organizing various rowing events. These numerous events are excellent opportunities for proactive members to get involved and gain valuable experience in team managing, event organization, fundraising etc. The foundation of this student club as well as our parent club, Akademiska Roddföreningen, relies on members’ proactivity and volunteering to help the club activities.

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KTH Roddförening - Akademisk Idrott
KTH Roddförening, 7 Fredrikslundsvägen Lgh 1301
16834 Bromma

ARF, Frescati Hagväg 18
11419 Stockholm

Tel: 0793045602
E-post: This is a mailto link

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